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Antivirus Software Setup

Reasons To Choose Rapid Fire PC To Setup Your Antivirus Software

It is important that every device you use has some antivirus software. Some computers come with preinstalled versions that are free for a short time. You may choose to continue using those options or may want to use something free or different. Whatever the case, setting it up and installing it correctly can be tough, which is why Rapid Fire PC is here for you. We make it easy to stay protected from viruses and malware by providing antivirus software setup for our clients.

Why AV Is Important

Viruses can be extremely bad news, especially if you get infected with a Trojan. While we can remove viruses and malware from the computer, it’s always best to keep them away from your device when possible. That’s why AV protection is so important. It scans the whole computer or device to ensure that no bad coding is lurking, either stealing information or adding programs you don’t need/want.

WHY us,

Similar companies will try to sell you their particular brand of AV because they think it’s best. However, we believe in freedom of choice and allow you to make the decision as to what antivirus software is best for you. We are always available for advice, and you can ask us about our recommendations. We’ll determine what you do on the computer and which product may be most suitable. However, it’s your decision as to which product to choose.

Then, we will set it up for you, which can include:

  • Navigating to the Proper Website
  • Downloading the Software
  • Installing the Software
  • Setting Up Automatic Scans
  • Ensuring No PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are Installed with the AV
  • Helping You with Your First Scan

To learn more about this and other services, please contact us.