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Fix Your Slow Computer

Is It Possible To Fix A Slow Computer?

Most people realize quickly that the speed and efficiency of their computer diminishes over time. When you first get the device out of the box and start using it, it’s lightning fast. However, even after a few weeks, it can start slowing down until it’s at a crawl. At Rapid Fire PC, we understand your frustration and can help you fix a slow computer with a variety of options, including:

  • Virus Scans
  • Defragmentation
  • Changing Startup Options
  • Uninstalling Unneeded Programs
  • Install More Memory
  • Much More

Virus Scans

Viruses and malware can cause the PC to run slowly because it’s running more things in the background, on top of what you want to run. We can help you check for viruses and malware first to determine if that is the cause.

Defragmentation/Disk Cleanup

When you open up a document, the computer pulls parts of the file from various locations. When you close the document, the computer puts it back in different places. Sometimes, during opening and closing, the computer doesn’t completely remove that file part, which can hang it up later when you reopen the document. Therefore, defragmentation can help. Most computers already have defrag programs, but you can also install others.

Likewise, when you visit websites, everything is saved and stored in the Temp Internet Files location to make it easier and faster to open them again. However, all those files get jumbled over time, which is why the temp folder should be emptied.


When you boot up your system (turn it on), a lot of things happen. Almost every program wants to be part of the startup sequence to make it easier to open them later. However, it can bog down the system immensely, so we can go through and change those settings to fix a slow computer. Contact us now to learn more.