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Help Speed Up Browser

How Rapid Fire PC Can Help Speed Up Your Browser

It can be annoying when you remember back to when you first got your computer. The browser popped up quickly and went to websites with no trouble. Now, however, you may notice that the browsers are slowing down, and may think it’s normal. However, at Rapid Fire PC, we know that it is possible to speed up your browsers and can help you do so quickly.

How We Do It

We use a variety of methods and tools to help you speed up the browser, including:

  • Checking for updates
  • Clearing history, cookies, and cache
  • Change settings

Some people leave their computers on for days at a time, which may not be the best option. If you frequently leave the computer and browsers up, it doesn’t have a chance to update itself. While the operating system may still update, the browsers won’t. We can help you check for and handle all updates, so your experience is faster.

Your browsing history and cookies make it possible to go to a website quickly. However, when the same ones sit in the cache for a long time, it can lead to browser hang-ups, slowness, and redirects. Plus, as you view more pages and access more content, those caches fill up fast, making it harder for the computer to find what it needs. We can clear those caches, so it’s faster.

Sometimes, however, you don’t want to lose your favorites on your web browser or don’t want to erase your auto-fill options. We can configure the settings, so that doesn’t happen. You’ll still get a faster browser experience without losing all your bookmarks, favorite websites and more. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions, please contact us today for help.