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Malware Software Setup

Why Malware Software Setup Is Necessary

If you’re like many, you know that malware is bad news. You’ve probably heard of all the various problems that can go wrong, including:

  • Having Information Stolen
  • Having Popups That Claim Your PC Is Locked
  • Other Annoying Popups

Malware can be found in almost anything, including traditional programs that your computer needs, such as Java or Adobe Flash. You can’t see that it is downloading along with your new update, but it could, which is why antimalware software is so important.

Isn’t AV Enough?

Most people think that an antivirus program is enough to thwart all attacks. While some AV software is designed to stop malware and spyware, most only focus on viruses, which are completely different, though still problematic. Plus, antivirus software works differently than malware software, which is why the setup is necessary.

Sometimes, AV can take up to 24 hours to find new viruses or threats and your computer can’t be without protection from these new problems for that long. In the past, the only way hackers could get onto your device was through your clicking habits (clicking a link that had an embedded virus). However, legitimate sites can hold malicious content without them knowing, which can then install themselves on your computer/device.

Why Choose Rapid Fire PC

We know that you realize the potential harm that these programs and files can create, and we also know that you may have trouble downloading, installing and setting up the antimalware software on your own. This is where we come in, connect to your PC or device, navigate to the proper website and ensure that no other things are installed. We can usually get the whole thing set up in less than an hour, and can even help you with your initial scan. Contact us now to learn more.