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Optimize Your Computer

What Does It Mean To Optimize Your Computer?

You’ve probably heard or seen advertisements for a tune-up or optimization of your computer, but you may not know what it means or why it’s necessary. While some technologically-advanced people can do it themselves, you’d hate to mess something up and cause the computer to be unusable. At Rapid Fire PC, we understand your concern and will help you know what we do and why it’s done so you’re better prepared to seek optimization.

What It Includes

The process of optimizing can include various things, such as:

  • Removing Unnecessary Software
  • Updating the Operating System
  • Freeing Up Space
  • Optimize The Startup Menu
  • Scanning for Viruses/Malware
  • Defragmentation
  • Creating Restore Points/Disks
  • Default Restore (Last Resort)

Unnecessary software is usually included with your new computer in the hopes that you choose to buy it. Things like antivirus software and other things can come automatically and then pop-up frequently to remind you to buy it. We can remove that software, which can significantly speed up your OS.

Some operating systems, including Windows 10, have regular updates every week. If you don’t approve the update, you won’t get it, which could slow down the computer or leave you vulnerable to viruses. We’ll make sure all the updates are completed and can upgrade the system to a newer OS when available.

Why It’s Necessary

We realize that most people use their computer frequently for things like checking email or shopping. You probably don’t know that anytime you do something, a file is created. Those files can get mixed up and can confuse the computer, especially when you’ve got thousands of files that are fragmented all over the hard drive. Therefore, we can go in, clean everything up and make it run more smoothly and quickly. Contact us today to learn more about computer optimization.