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Client Connection

What Is Client Connection And Why Is It Helpful?

At Rapid Fire PC, we do almost everything through our client connection process. However, we realize that some of our patrons may not know what it means or why we do it. Therefore, we’ve made it easy to learn, so you’re ready for us to fix your problem or optimize your computer.

What It Means

It is an application that is used to allow someone else to control your desktop and everything on it, which includes your:

  • Hard Drive
  • Operating System
  • Browsers
  • Files
  • Software
  • Applications
  • And More

There are usually features included that allow us to transfer files for testing or for chatting so we can type a message to you. However, during the entire process, you’re on the phone with us so we can explain what we’re doing.

How Does It Work?

It works by having you and us connected to the same network, even if we’re thousands of miles away from each other. Your computer can be wireless or wired, making it easier for us to find the problem and fix it. You never have to leave the comfort of your home or unplug your devices, and we can go in and correct the problem quickly and safely.

This application uses something called an advanced security protocol, which makes it completely safe and secure. We realize that there are thousands of hackers and thieves out there, trying to steal information when possible. Therefore, we use security measures to ensure that your information (and ours) remain safe throughout the process.

You will still be able to move the mouse and access your files, but you probably won’t need to, as we’re there to quickly get where we need to go to find the solution. Afterward, you will sign out and have complete control over your computer once more. To learn more about this or any of our services, contact us today!