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Remove Infections

Find Out How Rapid Fire PC Can Remove Infections From Your Device

It happens more than most people think because infections from viruses and other threats are extremely common. Even though everyone has heard it said that antivirus and antimalware software are necessary, they may still put off finding the right one. At Rapid Fire PC, we can help you remove infections whether you have an antivirus program or not.

The Various Problems

When most people think of a computer infection, they think of a virus. However, there is a multitude of other things that could attack your computer, including:

  • Dialers
  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Hijackers
  • More

Almost anything unusual can be considered malicious in nature, which is why protection is essential. However, what happens when the virus scanner doesn’t find the problem, or you scan after installation to find a myriad of challenges?

How We Remove These Infections

It is always best to try and eliminate the problem with the use of antivirus or antimalware software. It is built in to be safe and secure, ensuring that no other files are corrupted or damaged. In some cases, the software can clean the infection out of the file or program so it can continue to be used. Just deleting the file or program may not work, especially if it’s already embedded or spread to other areas of the hard drive.

If that doesn’t work or isn’t possible, we can always remove the infections manually. We know of a lot of viruses and malware and may be able to pinpoint the problem with no trouble. Otherwise, we’ll search our database to find which options may not be legitimate and can remove it for you quickly and safely. Contact us now to learn more.