Rapid Fire PC is an independently owned and operated, technology services and support provider. We are not affiliated with Microsoft. Apple, or any email provider or ISP who may offer their own support services. Services provided by Rapid Fire PC may also be available by the brand owner.

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At Rapid Fire PC, we understand that you may not be familiar with all the problems associated with computers. We don’t think you should be victimized or unable to contact your friends and family because of not understanding technology. We offer multiple services and membership packages to get you the help you need as soon as possible. Don’t feel that you have to wait or be embarrassed because we’re available to “drive” your computer for you and take care of the problem safely.

Our Services

You want to feel confident about using your device or computer. You don’t want to risk getting infected with viruses or spyware and don’t want annoying popups. We’re here to help and offer:

Whether you need help setting everything up, determining which computer/device to buy or how to remove viruses and other malicious content, we can help.

While we primarily focus on problems, you can call us up anytime you need help getting something new set up. We want you to feel comfortable using the Internet and your device.

It can be hard to ask family or friends for help because they may poke fun or get frustrated, but we never will. We are always there to assist you with any problem or concern and will keep your computer running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more. 888-342-0444

Disclaimer: Rapid Fire PC is a computer company who is independently owned and operated. We provide hardware sales and support for most devices. Third-party companies may provide their own support and purchase services, including Apple ® or Microsoft ®. Rapid Fire PC isn’t associated with any third parties.