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Virus Removal

Why Call Rapid Fire PC For Virus Removal?

A computer virus can be any software program and can spread itself throughout your computer and onto other devices/computers. It can interfere with normal operation and can also:

  • Delete your files
  • Corrupt data
  • Use your email to spread itself
  • Delete everything on your hard drive/OS

While most viruses are spread through email attachments or instant messages, they can also be spread other ways. It’s always a good idea not to click on attachments or links unless you are familiar with the sender or expecting something. However, they can also be spread when you download something from the internet, such as files, programs or other software.


At Rapid Fire PC, we understand that you may not be computer-savvy enough to handle the actual removal of viruses, but you can still learn what the symptoms are and let us know immediately. If your hardware (printers, webcams, CD-ROM tray, mouse or keyboard start acting strange, you could be infected. Another sign of a virus is if your computer freezes or reboots itself for no reason. Other symptoms can include slower performance, slower startups, missing files and more.

How We Help

Viruses are nasty things, but there’s nothing to fear. If you notice any of the symptoms above or anything out of the ordinary, do not panic. Just give us a call and let us work our magic, which isn’t anything magical at all. We’ll run a virus scan using your antivirus program. It will seek out the problem and find it so it can be cleaned or quarantined/removed. If it causes no problems once quarantined, we can remove it for you, so there are no recurrences. If that doesn’t work, we have other methods and options available to remove the virus entirely. Contact us now to learn more.