Rapid Fire PC is an independently owned and operated, technology services and support provider. We are not affiliated with Microsoft. Apple, or any email provider or ISP who may offer their own support services. Services provided by Rapid Fire PC may also be available by the brand owner.

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Why Rapid Fire PC

Reasons To Choose Rapid Fire PC For All Your Computer Needs

At Rapid Fire PC, we understand technology and realize that some people don’t. We don’t hold it against you if you can’t figure out how to setup your antivirus software because we know that you’re likely new to the technology age and may require a little more help than others. Whether you choose to buy computers and devices from us or purchase somewhere else, we can help you get set up, and optimize your device.

Our Pledge To You

Computers and smart devices can be confusing. For the older generation it can seem impossible. Sometimes it takes us more time to figure out the problem, however we are committed to going the extra mile to get your computer issues fixed. We provide five pledges to our customers, including:

  • Dedication
  • Respect
  • Expert Advice/Service
  • Make It Right
  • Education

We are dedicated to all of our customers and want to show you. We always want you to be satisfied and will listen to complaints and worries without interruption. If you aren’t satisfied, we will work hard to correct the situation.

Along with that, we provide you with the utmost respect, no matter what problem you’re facing. Technology isn’t for everyone, but everyone can use it when necessary. Our technicians are trained to deal with seniors and other non-computer-savvy people and will never laugh or make fun of you for not knowing something.

That’s why we always do what it takes (within reason) to make your problem right. We can access your computer, do the driving and find the problem efficiently. You can sit back and relax while we take care of the situation.

However, we know that most senior citizens don’t want to sit in the passenger seat and let someone else take over. You may want to learn more about computers and devices, and we’re willing to teach you. We can also walk you through fixing the problem, and help you understand what to do if it recurs and more.

Our Services

Our list of services is long, but that’s a good thing. It means you’ve got a lot of help whenever it’s needed. Browse our list or contact us today to learn more.

Disclaimer: Rapid Fire PC is a computer company who is independently owned and operated. We provide hardware sales and support for most devices. Third-party companies may provide their own support and purchase services, including Apple ® or Microsoft ®. Rapid Fire PC isn’t associated with any third parties.